1 April 2008

NEW BOOK - Report on Australia by Ouyang Yu (poetry written in Chinese)

Report on Australia: a collection of poetry written in Chinese
by Ouyang Yu

(just out in China on 21/3/08, a special issue of Otherland, No. 11, 2008)

Limited to two-hundred copies only, this collection of Chinese poetry written by Ouyang Yu is just released by Otherland Publishing in Wuhan, P. R. China. It is 239 pages in length, containing 147 poems written in Chinese by Ouyang Yu while living in Australia. These are poems that take such issues head-on as nostalgia or non-nostalgia, mental problems, violence, love-making, foreigners living in a foreign country that keep them eternal foreigners. One poem has caused such a controversy that a nationally funded project was scrapped in China.

This book is now available.

To order an autographed copy from Ouyang Yu, please send a money order or cheque in Australian dollars to him at the following address:

Ouyang Yu
English Department, Wuhan University
Wuhan, People's Republic of China

Please address your queries to: ouyangyu@hotmail.com

($49.95, plus postage and GST for Australia and $59.95 for institutions plus GST/postage)