10 April 2008

PRESS RELEASE - Youth Week Shortcut’s Film Festival Winner (Fairfield Powerhouse, NSW)

On the 3rd of April, Fairfield resident Maria Tran took away the Fairfield Powerhouse Youth Theatre Shortcut’s Film Festival’s top awards of Best Film and Achievement in Directing for her short film “Happy Dent”.

Happy Dent is documentary about the daily struggle of a 6 year Vietnamese Orphan boy who lives by selling Happy Dent branded chewing gum.

Tran last year, spent one month in Vietnam working with a group of orphan boys; running free workshops in English, drawing and in film.

In previous years as a tourist she began to recognize the poverty that plagued the dark corners of her homeland.

“My last visit in 2006 changed my perceptions for my own people. I decided I wanted to make a strong contribution. The difficult question was always how. But soon after realizing the impact that films can produce I knew I had to use it as a tool to draw awareness”.

Having received her Bachelor in Psychology, Maria Tran has spent less than a year as a filmmaker.

“I never thought I would be able to achieve what I have. Filmmaking is financially risky and emotionally draining. You quickly find what brings together the camera, the actors, your crew; is your ability to foster relationships between them and yourself. ”

She started her filmmaking ambitions by joining the award-winning local community youth film production house Rumble Pictures in 2005, where she worked as an actor and eventually become their Public Relation coordinator. Supplementing her thirst for film, she later attended film workshops at the ICE (Information Cultural Exchange).

Although success has trailed her hard work in such short period, Tran remains focused on what really matters.

“When I think about it, anything is achievable as long as you link the passion to the people. You’ll always come out a winner no matter what. Whether you get an award or not.”

Maria Tran’s next project is now producing the Epic Western Sydney Martial Film, “Maximum Choppage 2” and is searching for potential sponsors.

If you are interested in being involved in the next project please contact at:-



Maria Tran, a 23-year-old Australian- Vietnamese, is the Supporting Director of Rumble Pictures. Tran’s background is in Psychology and is an emerging female film maker from Sydney’s west. She is an active community young person representative with pursuits in social change. Tran has been involved extensively in Rumble Pictures in initiating community projects such as “Clean Up Australia Day 2007” and “Cabramatta Moon Festival”. Her first works include the short film “The Elevator” and the “A Little Dream” which was funded by Metro Screen. She has made her acting debut as “Tanya”, a martial arts fighter in the upcoming “Maximum Choppage: Round 2”. At the moment she is due to implement her first international documentary, “Dust of Life”, that was filmed in Vietnam.

Rumble Pictures

Rumble Pictures is an emerging award winning youth film production house based in South West Sydney, Australia. Rumble Pictures seeks in delivering artistic expression from all forms of genres and media such as short films, graphic design, web design, photography, documentaries, music videos, etc….

Aspiring to be always inspired, the team at Rumble reach to exemplify in their productions, style, substance, innovation and community integration.

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