1 April 2008

NEW BOOK - Being Maori Chinese: Mixed Identities (by Manying Ip)

Manying Ip’s new book Being Maori–Chinese: Mixed Identities (Auckland University Press, 2008) uses extensive interviews with seven different families to explore both historical and contemporary relations between Maori and Chinese, a subject which has not been given serious extended study before.

A full chapter is given to each family which is explored in depth, often in the voices of the protagonists themselves. This detailed and personal approach shows how in the 19th and early 20th century Maori and Chinese, both relegated to the fringes of society, often had warm and congenial bonds, with intermarriage and large Maori–Chinese families. However, in recent times the relationship between these two rapidly growing groups has shown tension as Maori have gained confidence in their identity and as increased Asian immigration has become a political issue.

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