5 January 2009

OBITUARY - Vin D'Cruz (1933-2008)

The following obituary is an edited version of an entry from a Monash Asia Institute (MAI) bulletin from late 2008. The AASRN would like to acknowledge the important work of Vin D'Cruz in shaping timely discussions about Australia and its Asian engagements and communities.


Staff, Students, Colleagues and Friends at the MAI note the sad passing of Prof Vin D'Cruz on Monday 24 November 2008. Prof Vin D'Cruz was appointed an Adjunct Professor of the MAI in 2001 and was one of the MAI's most delightful and productive members. He had an enormous passion for research as demonstrated by his large book Australia's Ambivalence Towards Asia: Politics, Neo/Post-colonialism, and Fact/Fiction (co-authored with William Steele) published by the MAI Press. In that book, he grappled with his love for Australia and its people and the disappointing performance of the Australian government and press in their failure to engage with Asia in a more positive and creative manner. Vin arrived in Australia in 1954 and is survived by a son, a daughter, siblings and a great-grand-daughter.

For a fuller notes about Vin's life, see: