5 January 2009

NEW BOOK - Race and Ethnic Relations (OUP)

Race and Ethnic Relations (OUP, 2008) brings together theoretical and substantive issues on race, migration and multiculturalism and places them in an Australian context. Divided into three sections this text covers a broad scope of issues and theory, combining insights from traditional sociological theory, as well as anthropological and social psychology approaches.

The first section focuses on outlining the development of theorising around the concepts of race and ethnicity, and the ways in which these have been used to understand inter-group relations. The second focuses on the Australian context, covering the history of Australian settlement, policy and legislation associated with migration, citizenship and discrimination, indigeneity and non-indigeneity, and refugees and asylum seekers. And the final section explores recent and challenging issues such as critical whiteness studies, the intersection of race and ethnicity with religion and anti-racism.

Three authors work together to offer a clear, consistent and authoritative voice.

Uses popular culture references, in particular movies which are concerned with particular aspects of race and ethnic relations, to help students engage with the text and to make the theory ‘real’.

Stimulates students through the use of examples and case studies, and the posing of thorny questions which encourage debate and illustrate the relevance of the theory to everyday or current political issues.

Part One: Understanding Race and Ethnicity: a theoretical overview
1. Race and Othering
2. Ethnicity and Identity Politics
3. Nations and Globalisation
4. Theories of Migration
5. Dealing with Diversity

Part Two: Race and Ethnicity in Australia
6. Considering Australia. Race, Ethnicity and the Nation
7. Indigenous Peoples
8. Migrants in Australia
9. Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Australia

Part Three: Emerging Issues
10. Whiteness Studies
11. Religion
12. Intersections
13. Methodological Issues in Race Studies
14. Anti racism

Farida Fozdar (Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences & Humanities, Murdoch U)
Raelene Wilding (Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe U)
Mary Hawkins (Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, U of Western Sydney)

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