21 January 2009

NEW JOURNAL ISSUE and CFP - Peril - Issue 6 "passing, failing" now online; CFP for Issue 7 "Fashion Fetish"


Note and news from Peril's editor, Hoa Pham:

"The new edition of Peril has been released. Edition 6 - Passing, Failing - will be published at 12:15am on January 11.

We managed to catch Nam Le for a short interview, and attract a variety of short prose pieces and poetry in response to the theme. We talked to Mai Long, a Vietnamese-Australian artist who caused some controversy with her Pho Dogs which was covered by Lateline in December 2008. A cultural critique of The Jammed is also included. We invite people to comment on our commentary with their views.

Peril has recently incorporated and we thank our board members for their support: Alice Pung, Chi Vu, Olivia Khoo and Anna Mandoki. We have also been most fortunate to receive an Australia Council for the Arts grant and will be able to pay contributors for Issues 7 and 8. If you are interested the themes will be "fashion, fetish" and "Why are people so unkind?" Information about submissions can be found at http://www.peril.com.au/submissions

Peril's web address has also changed. Peril can be found at http://www.peril.com.au/ Peril's former address, http://www.asianaustralian.org/ will still work. For those who are interested, Peril also has new software behind it. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to transfer your email accounts from the old software to the new software. We invite you to re-register to be on Peril's email list. We wish everyone a Happy New Year of the Ox and look forward to hearing from you."


Call for Submissions - Peril #7 - "Fashion Fetish"

'Fashion Fetish' is the theme for Peril Issue 7! Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion on fashion and fads. Is it, as Bowie says, big, bland, loud and tasteless? Or is it the realm of risk-takers and visionaries? Do you follow or buck trends? Is Oriental in (yet again) this year? Are we talking clothes or cultures?

Below are some prompts that we hope are only the start of what you might do with the theme:
  • (Un)healthy obsessions
  • 'So hot right now' – lure or deterrent?
  • Extreme fashion
  • Fashion, culture and identity – who or what does it say you are?
  • What's class got to do with it?
Let's see and hear what you think about 'Fashion Fetish' – write, create, draw, compose, collaborate! We accept submissions of any kind of text, sound or visual art, as long as it can be presented online (e.g. essays, blog entries, reflections, poetry, fiction, memoir, spoken word tracks, photos, etc.). Text limit is 1000 words, preferably submitted in .txt format.

We are fortunate enough to have two issues sponsored by the Australia Council this year, and will be paying contributors for Issues 7 and 8. Issue 8's theme will be "Why are people so unkind?"

The deadline for Issue 7 material is March 31 2009, to be published online by May 2009. This issue will be launched at the Sydney Writers Festival.

Please send your submissions and queries to peril@asianaustralian.org

Check us out at http://www.peril.com.au/