17 August 2007

CONFERENCE - National Conference on Racism in a Global Context (Murdoch U, WA; 9-11 Nov 2007)

In November this year, Murdoch University and partners are hosting a National Conference on Racism in a Global Context. Following on from the United Nations World Conference against Racism (WCAR) held in Durban South Africa, this unique three day conference will bring together a range of internationally respected academics and researchers, local and national government representatives, NGOs, Indigenous leaders, and groups and individuals from the community to review the themes and issues raised at WCAR, and to explore experiences and effects of racism. In line with the goals of the Durban conference, participants will work together to develop practical solutions for the community, organisations, and government to advance the fight against racism in Australia and promote positive racial and cultural relations.

The conference aims to inform and encourage broad thought and debate about racism and discrimination, and to spark positive action. To ensure community engagement, community-targeted initiatives will run in conjunction with the academic conference. One of the key initiatives is a film festival that will screen movies with topics relevant to the conference's themes . The centrepiece will be a screening of Liyarn Ngarn, a new feature length documentary produced by Steve Hawke, directed by award winning director Martin Mhando, and starring Oscar nominee Pete Postlethwaite, respected Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson, and renowned balladeer Archie Roach. The film festival will be open to the public, and timed to complement the conference program.

For more information about the conference, visit the NGRCG website.