31 August 2007

CAHS EVENTS - Chinese Australian Historical Society Activities during History Week (15-22 Sept 2007)

Dear Friend,

Please go to the CAHS webpage at http://www.hermes.net.au/cahs/events.htm to access information and booking forms on the following exciting events organized by the CAHS for this year's History Week, 15 to 22 September.

On 15 September: the CAHS 5th Annual Lecture on Chinese Australian History and Heritage, the Society’s Annual Dinner, and the launch by the Hon. Henry Tsang of John Fitzgerald’s exciting new book, Big White Lie, which challenges the recent attempts to restore the reputation of the White Australia Policy. Proponents of a White Australia Policy argue that Chinese were excluded from Australia not because of their race but because Chinese habits, instincts and culture were incompatible with Australian values: mateship, democracy, and the “fair-go.” Professor Fitzgerald's book shows that the idea that Chinese did not, and do not, belong in Australia is our nation’s BIG WHITE LIE! Professor Fitzgerald will draw on his book and his other research for his Lecture titled: "Chinese-Australian Survival Strategies in the White Australia Era.Professor."

Professor Fitzgerald's book, Big White Lie, will be available for purchase at a special price after its launch on 15 September.

On 18 September, our venerable 85 year old “Uncle Arthur” will conduct a tour of the Dixon Street precinct and reflect on his memories of Chinatown places. Arthur Gar Lock Chang will be assisted by Theresa Cheng, and an optional yum cha lunch will follow the tour.

On 22 September the Society, in conjunction with the Powerhouse Museum, will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Wong Sat in Australia. This event will be held at the Powerhouse.

These are official events of History Week supported by the History Council of NSW.

I look forward to meeting you at the CAHS events during History Week.

Henry Chan
Hon. Secretary
Chinese Australian Historical Society Inc
PO Box K556
Haymarket NSW 1240