2 February 2007

CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS - The 12th METROPOLIS Conference: Melbourne (Closes 15 Feb 2007)


Closing date for workshop proposals: 15 FEBRUARY 2007


In October 2007, the prestigious Metropolis conference will be held for the first time outside the Northern Hemisphere in Melbourne. The theme for the conference is Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion. The Melbourne Metropolis conference is being organised by the Monash Institute for the Study for Global Movements and the Australian Multicultural Foundation, with financial support from both the Victorian and Australian governments. The Scanlon Foundation is also providing support for a major study on social cohesion, which will be launched at the Conference. The Metropolis conference focuses on immigration and settlement issues around the globe. Melbourne won the right to host the 2007 conference partly because of Victoria's long history of successful multiculturalism. Plenary sessions will be held each day, with high profile Australian and international speakers. The conference will therefore give us the opportunity to also hear from European, North American, New Zealand and Asian colleagues about how immigration and settlement is changing in their countries and regions in this timeof increasing global population movement.

CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS http://www.metropolis2007.org/workshop.php

The backbone of Metropolis Conferences is the workshop program, consisting of topics proposed by participants. Conference organisers are now calling for workshop proposals on topics related to migration, settlement, and diversity from researchers, policy-makers, NGOs and other interested delegates both in Australia and overseas. Participants are particularly encouraged to put forward proposals where a number of perspectives are represented. For example, as a researcher, you may be interested in providing a perspective on identity and social cohesion issues for Muslim women in Australia, and may wish to include in your presentation a representative of an Australian Muslim womens group, and/or a relevant State or Australian government representative. Alternatively, you may have colleagues from overseas or interstate who would be interested in presenting with you a topic on comparative issues between Australia and their country. This type of workshop has been very useful in previous Metropolis conferences to present a range of perspectives on a topic. Conference organisers are eager to have as many applications as possible, so please give some thought to this. Please note that the deadline for proposals is 15 February 2007 and that all proposals should be submitted through the website: