21 February 2007

AASRN EVENT - An Asian Australian Occasion: Film Festival and Panel Discussions (18 May 2007; U of Queensland, St Lucia) Deadline: 30 March 2007

COST: Free admission

"An Asian Australian Occasion" will showcase a combination of panel discussions and short films that creatively construct and interrogate conceptualisations of Asian Australian identities.

This special one-day event also aims to promote conversations among senior and emerging academics, artists and activists.

The film program includes Fish Sauce Breath, Delivery Day, Karaoke King, Chinese Take Away, Pho Now! and The Girl in the Mirror.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Cho - film critic

  • Benjamin Law - screen writer

  • Anna Yen - writer/performer

  • Alan Han - doctoral candidate and activist

  • Jen Tsen Kwok - doctoral candidate and Alien Invader 'zine co-creator

  • Assoc. Prof David Ip - UQ Academic

  • Dr Jacqueline Lo - ANU Academic and Chair, AASRN

The main program will be complemented by more experimental works showing in a "drop in" screen room and a publication featuring vox pops, interveiws and more.

Short films, essays and other works for the publication welcome: Deadline 30 March 2007