17 July 2008

CALL FOR ANNOTATERS - The Annotated Bibliography of English Studies (Routledge ABES, UK) - International On-Line Bibliography

Research in the Centre for Postcolonial Writing

Research Project - 2008: The Annotated Bibliography of English Studies (Routledge ABES, UK)

An International On-Line Bibliography

The Centre for Postcolonial Writing (CPW) is the Editor of the Postcolonial Literary Studies Section of Routledge’s On-line bibliography, the Annotated Bibliography of English Studies (ABES), which commenced in 1999 and has just been remodelled and relaunched for 2008.

Call for Contributing Annotators

The CPW is expanding its network of annotators in the area of Postcolonial Literature.

Our contributors write short annotated bibliographies of articles, monographs, edited collections and online products, that they consider to be valuable and necessary reading in the field.

We are seeking interested postgraduates, early career researchers and established scholars who specialise in:

  • Postcolonial literature in English from the non-Western world (Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific)
  • Postcolonial literature in the settler colonies (Australia, Canada, Unites States of America)
  • Indigenous, ethnic, minority and migrant literatures
  • Postcolonial literary criticism
  • Postcolonial creative writing
  • Postcolonial life writing

Contributors will be required to provide short (200 word) annotations for 10-15 texts per year and be credited for their work. Contributors will keep the texts they annotate (if in hard copy) in lieu of payment.

Prospective annotators should visit:


for application forms and further information on the project.

For inquiries contact:

Devika Goonewardene and Isabella Ofner, Project Managers, ABES – Postcolonial Literary Studies, CPW – cpw@arts.monash.edu.au