20 May 2008

PROJECT INVITATION - Chinese Australians Photography Project by AASRN Member Rahima Hayes

Posted on behalf of photographer Rahima Hayes:

"I am currently working on a photographic portraiture and documentary series, which will encompass the lives of Chinese Australians in Melbourne and regional Victoria. It is a culture-bridging project, which aims to visually address the flow of people, culture, and capital between Australia and China. The photographic series will be accompanied by each participant's story, which will enable an insight into the history of Chinese Australians within Melbourne.

I am looking for Chinese-Australian families who would like to be involved.

Below is a PDF explaining the project and what is involved. It also includes images from a project completed in Beijing.

I am interested in families who may have relatives and family connections still in China, whom I would like to photograph during an Australia China Council residency in Mid July –Nov 2008.

A Melbourne City Council Young Artist grant, The Chinese Museum, and Australia China Council support the project.

If you are interested please email rahimahayes@gmail.com or phone 0404 943 941 to organise a time to meet and discuss the project in further detail."

>> Download PDF of the project.