4 March 2009

CFP - "2009 Australian Chinese Political Participation conference" (Deakin U, Melbourne; deadline: 29 March 2009)

Deakin University will be holding the 2009 Australian Chinese Political Participation Conference on 15-16 August 2009.

Venue: Burwood Campus, Deakin University

You can download an invitation and conference information sheet (both in English and Chinese) HERE [PDF; 220Kb].

It would be much appreciated if you could distribute this flyer to your colleagues or friends who might be interested in getting involved.

We hope to bring together people from various areas (including politicians, community leaders, and scholars ) to present and exchange their opinions on the relevant topics.

Their opinions, achievements and experiences are valued and important not only to academic study but also to political practice, especially the future practice of Chinese political practice.

Deadline for abstracts is 29 March 2009. Final versions of conference papers should be submitted by 26 July 2009. Please be advised that all preferred topics and brief abstracts of presentation can be emailed to me at shupin @ deakin.edu.au

We look forward to your participation in this great event of 2009 which may be one of the milestones in the history of Chinese political participation.