27 October 2008

EVENT - Gaayip Walk (Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation) 9 Nov 2008

The Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation is pleased to offer people the chance to be part of the Gaayip Walk (Gaayip - 'coming together')

TIME/DATE: 12 noon Sunday 9th November
VENUE: Blackburn Lake, Central Rd, Blackburn.

The main ideas behind the Walk are:
  • after the Apology there is still much to be done by many people at different levels - 'many steps by many people'
  • people can do something locally by supporting the local Indigenous community through donating to the Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP)
  • reconciliation is an idea and process, which needs the involvement of all cultural groups in Australia.
Please feel free to distribute the leaflet (see link below) in any way you think is appropriate.

Contact me if you need more details. Hard copies of the leaflet are also available.

We hope to see you on the day.

Cheers, Howard (Tankey)
Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation
Email: howardtankey @ iprimus.com.au

>> Download the PDF flyer HERE.