12 June 2008

CFP - Journal of Intercultural Studies (Taylor & Francis)

Journal of Intercultural Studies
showcases innovative scholarship about emerging cultural formations, intercultural negotiations and contemporary challenges to cultures and identities. JICS is released quarterly and comprises of two general issues and two special issues per volume.

We welcome theoretically informed articles from diverse disciplines that contribute to the following areas:

  • Nationhood, citizenship and racialisation;
  • Theories of diaspora, transnationalism, hybridity and 'border crossing';
  • Ethnicity, postcolonialism and indigeneity;
  • Intercultural knowledge, multiculturalism, race and cultural identity.

Journal of Intercultural Studies is an international, interdisciplinary journal that particularly encourages contributions from scholars in cultural studies, sociology, gender studies, political science, cultural geographers, urban studies, race and ethnic studies. It is a peer-reviewed, critical scholarly publication that features articles, review essays and book reviews.

Regular special issues provide stimulating, focused engagement with topical political, social and theoretical questions. The most recent include: Transnational Families: Emotions and Belonging (29:3 [2008] guest-edited by Maruška Svašek), Indian Diaspora in Transnational Contexts (29:1 [2008]; guest-edited by William Safran, Ajaya Kumar Sahoo and Brij V. Lal) and Negotiating Belonging: Migration and Generations (28.3 [2007]; guest-edited by Zlatko Skrbis, Loretta Baldassar and Scott Poynting).

Submissions are ideally between 5000-7000 words. Contributors should bear in mind the journal aims and address an international and interdisciplinary audience. Electronic submission via email only. The journal also accepts special issue submission proposals. Send all correspondence and submissions to: jics@tandf.com.au

Editors: Tseen Khoo (Monash University, Australia) and Vince Marotta (Deakin University, Australia),

Associate Editor: Paula Muraca (Monash University, Australia)

For further information about the Journal of Intercultural Studies, visit http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/07256868.asp