6 March 2008

SCHOLARSHIP - APA(I) - Skilled migrant women in regional Australia (U of Wollongong, NSW)

Associate Professor Lenore Lyons is currently looking for a suitable student to undertake a PhD on skilled migrant women in regional Australia. The project is supported by a Linkage Project with the NSW Office of Women as the industry partner. The stipend is higher than the normal APA and includes a small amount of additional funding from the industry partner. The successful applicant will need to start before July 2008.

Please inform any recent graduates whom you think might be interested, and any current honours students who will be submitting their thesis this semester. Ask them to contact Lenore_Lyons@uow.edu.au directly if they are interested.


Project outline:

The University of Wollongong is offering an APA(I) scholarship to a full time candidate, wishing to enrol in a PhD program, starting from July 2008. The stipend for this award is $25,118 per annum for three years (tax exempt), subject to satisfactory progress.

The successful candidate will be involved in a project on skilled migrant women in regional Australia. The project aims to investigate whether community connectedness can be used effectively to increase retention rates of skilled migrant women and how skilled migrant women contribute to the social capital of local communities (see project description below). This project will be carried out in close collaboration with the NSW Office for Women. Applicants must be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident and should have completed an undergraduate degree in Sociology or a related field, with at least Honours Second Class Division 1 or equivalent.