27 February 2008

FORUM - Cultural Diversity in Australia: To 2020 and Beyond (Collingwood, Melbourne; 19 March)

The Australian Multicultural Foundation and Cultural Infusion, invite you to participate in a forum
Cultural Diversity in Australia : to 2020 and Beyond
Venue: Cultural Infusion Office, 138 Cromwell St Collingwood
Date: Wednesday 19 March 2008
Time: 5.15-7.45pm
Cultural diversity has been a key issue in cultural and social policy since Federation and the focus of many if not most of the major values debates in the past decade
The Prime Minister’s Summit to be held in Canberra on 19-20 April creates an opportunity to re-examine how Australia’s cultural diversity will influence nation building, as we approach 2020 and beyond. While cultural diversity is not listed amongst the ten critical topic areas of the Summit , it is directly or indirectly implicated in issues such as social inclusion, community strengthening, supporting families, security, education, population, economic development and the arts. No creative thinking on the nation’s future can afford to ignore issues of cultural diversity, as we work to sustain and develop a diverse, alive, tolerant, generous and inclusive Australia .

The Australian Multicultural Foundation, chaired by Sir James Gobbo and Cultural Infusion, chaired by Peter Mousaferiadis are hosting this pre-Summit forum as a contribution to the national conversation on Australia ’s future.

Questions to explore include:

Given that diversity will continue to be a key characteristic of Australia ’s population and of its cultural and religious practices – what kind of Australian society would we like to live in 2020 and what steps should we take in preparation for that vision?

How can we re-fashion and reposition multiculturalism in an era of suspicion? Is it essential to use particular terminology or can the goals of an effective and inclusive, culturally diverse society be achieved through a focusing on issues such as social inclusion, wellbeing and community strengthening?

How can we foster and promote the benefits of cultural diversity in the Australian community? What role should cultural development and the arts play towards that purpose?

What resourcing frameworks and mechanisms are required to maximize the effectiveness of policies and programs which aim to manage our diversity?

We do hope you can join us to renew the national dialogue on these important issues. Key outcomes and recommendations may be forwarded as a contribution to the 2020 Summit .

RSVP to 94126666 or to graham.d@culturalinfusion.com by 12 March.