19 September 2007

MASTERCLASS - Postcolonial Studies Masterclass - "Ethics and Hospitality" (U of Otago, NZ; 10-12 Dec 2007) Deadline for registrations: 1 Nov 2007

Hosted by the Postcolonial Studies Research Network University of Otago
10–12 December 2007

The University of Otago’s Postcolonial Studies Research Network is pleased to announce its second three-day intensive Masterclass. The 2007 Masterclass, “Ethics and Hospitality,” focuses on an important and largely overlooked area of postcolonial studies. Ethics has long been treated as postcolonialism’s “stepchild,” a secondary and merely incidental addition to the field’s more urgent commitment to questions of politics. It is now increasingly recognised, however, that in their very supplementarity, ethical demands in fact lie at the heart of postcolonial studies.

By addressing these questions, the 2007 Masterclass on “Ethics and Hospitality” begins this difficult process of rethinking the political in terms of the ethical. Each day will focus on a particular aspect of this rethinking, led by scholars of note whose research has contributed to the ethical reframing of the field of postcolonial studies:

Day One: Ethics and Forgiveness in Postcolonial Contexts (Kim Worthington)
Day Two: National Hospitality and Belonging in a Postcolonial World (Rosalyn Diprose)
Day Three: Postcolonialism, Friendship and Love (Linnell Secomb)

>> For more information, download the flyer for the masterclass (PDF; 643Kb).