27 July 2007

NEW BOOK - John Fitzgerald's _Big White Lie_

Big White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia
John Fitzgerald (UNSW Press, 2007)

Much has been written about the White Australia Policy, but very little has been written about it from a Chinese perspective. Big White Lie shifts our understanding of the White Australia Policy – and indeed White Australia –by exploring what Chinese Australians were saying and doing at a time when they were officially excluded. Big White Lie pays close attention to Chinese migration patterns, debates, social organisations, and their business and religious lives and shows that they had every right to be counted as Australians, even in White Australia. The book’s focus on Chinese Australians provides a refreshing new perspective on the important role the Chinese have played in Australia’s past at a time when China’s likely role in Australia’s future is more compelling than ever.

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