26 June 2007

Book Project - Exquisite Women

My name is Thao Nguyen, a Vietnamese woman living in Australia.
I am putting together a book called Exquisite Women about Asian woman immigrants.

As an Asian woman immigrant, I notice the stereotypes that Asian women deal with on a regular basis and I am passionate about a book that tells the real stories of Asian women immigrants, a book with stories that are enriching and empowering for all involved.

Imagine being one of the authors of a beautiful book about Asian women immigrants. The book will be a gift to you, your children, grandchildren and friends, and all other Asian women. You will tell your story, thus sharing with them in a way that allows them to know and appreciate you and always have something amazing to remember you by.

About the book:

It will be exquisite, interesting, and intimate (giving the impression of a woman's personal diary); It will be an expression of the unique inner and outward beauty of Asian women; It will be full of pictures and stories (in your own words) that paint vivid images of your life, journey, hopes and dreams; It will allow the readers to see the Asian countries that you left behind through your eyes.

Who can contribute?

Any woman who are of Asian descent and migrated to another country to live; There is no selection criteria for being a contributor to the book. Please don't entertain any fear of having a story that is not interesting enough or not being able to write very well. The only question that I invite you to answer is: "Do I want to?"; All stories will be published. A number of stories will be selected to publish in the book, others will be published on the website associated with the book.

Why contribute?

Your story will make a difference to those who read it; The process of writing your story will make a difference to you - you will have the experience of being acknowledged and proud for who you are and what you have achieved. You will have the exprience of being self-expressed, of being present to the amazing person that you are, your dreams, your passion, what you do have in your life.

What next if you want to get involved:

Please contact me at +614 2317 5382 or email
thaonguyen@westnet.com.au if you want to contribute; I will then send you a very thorough guide consisting of questions that you simply have to answer to start the process of writing your stories. It will be fun and challenging, it might be one of the most amazing things you've ever done.

Thao Nguyen
P.O. Box 561, Fremantle
WA 6959, Australia
Mobile: +61 4 2317 5382
Skype id: soiecocochine