21 May 2007

PANELS - The Forgotten (FREE events during the Fairfield City Writers' Festival; starts 29 May 2007)

The ninth annual Fairfield City Writers' Festival (FCWF o7) is organised by Fairfield City Council and is supported by many partners: Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield Advance, Metro Screen, Sydney Film School, Fairfield Writers' Group and the Sydney Writers' Festival.

The Festival will appeal to all local aspiring writers and members of the community, with the opportunity to speak with local, national and international authors across the three days of the festival.

This year’s theme, ‘The Forgotten’ ensures lively dialogues on forgotten people, forgotten histories, lost identities and hidden memories. Three free events will be held in Fairfield City at two venues, Cabramatta's Whitlam Library and Fairfield’s School of Arts.

FEATURED filmmaker:
Timothy Ly is a 22 year old Fairfield resident who won the 2005 Shortcut's film festival for Best Film for his martial art/comedy Maximum Choppage. He currently studies in Digital Video Production at Qantm Collge which he has been working on a number of projects ranging from short films, documentaries, music video and TV commercials. He will be presenting an excerpt of Maximum Choppage: Round 2, the sequel to his first hit which has been in local production for 3 years.

FEATURED artist:
Matt Huynh is a Canley Vale based comic creator and self-publisher who has worked across a vast variety of styles, artforms and collaborators. His diverse body of work includes the recently published collaborative comic entitled CAB: Collaborative Auto-Biography which features stories from a dozen contributors. He has also contributed to projects such as Dee Vee Anthology, Generation 2004 & 2005, Voiceworks and the Triptych 2006 concert.

Visit Fairfield City Council's page for the events, or download more info about the 3 FREE EVENTS of "The Forgotten" (PDF; 450KB).