7 November 2006

FORUM - Popular culture, art and community cultural development (Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne; 17 Nov 2006)

Footscray Community Arts Centre in partnership with the Cultural Development Network presents

'Popular culture, art and community cultural development' forum

Artists and Community Cultural Development (CCD) workers must engage with popular culture, but doing so is fraught with tensions and dangers. To ignore it artists risk becoming irrelevant, to embrace it they risk selling out!

Writer and artist Tom Cho leads this forum, facilitated by Footscray Arts Program Coordinator David Everist, and looks at questions such as: What attention should artists pay to popular icons, idols, styles and fashions? Should CCD practice challenge popular culture and therefore exist outside of it? Can engagement with popular culture be a way into involving communities in the creative? Could that engagement lead to more subversive and broad-based arts practice?

Friday 17 November, 3pm
Gabriel Gallery
Footscray Community Arts
Centre45 Moreland Street, Footscray

A PDF flyer for the event is HERE. The forum is FREE.

For more information, phone David Everist on 03 9362 8888 or email david@footscrayarts.com