19 November 2008

NEW JOURNAL ISSUE - "Asia@Home: New Directions in Asian Australian Studies" (A special issue of the Journal of Australian Studies, 32.4)

The latest issue (32.4 [2008]) of Journal of Australian Studies (JAS) is now available online! This special issue of JAS is guest-edited by Tseen Khoo and Jacqueline Lo, and features work from "AAI 2: The 2nd Asian Australian Identities Conference" (2007).

The special issue is titled 'Asia@Home: New Directions in Asian Australian Studies' and features work by the following AASRN members:
  • Adam Aitken
  • Michelle Antoinette
  • Scott Brook
  • Mayu Kanamori
  • Jen Tsen Kwok
  • Francis Maravillas
  • RoseAnne Misajon
  • Robyn Morris
  • Hsu-ming Teo

It also includes work by Regina Ganter and Lars Jensen. You can see a contents listing HERE. In addition, the cover for JAS 32.4 features an image provided by Owen Leong (who also generously allowed us to use his work on the AAI 2 conference posters).

Those of you whose universities/organisations subscribe to this journal, you should be able to download articles right now. Those of you who may want to get your hands on your own copy, THIS is the journal's homepage.