11 November 2008

NEW ISSUE - Mascara Poetry - Issue #4

Mascara #4 is now on-line at www.mascarapoetry.com

With poetry by
  • Our featured poet, Peter Boyle
  • New work by Tibetan poet/activist Tenzin Tsundue
  • And by Shirley Lim, Sean Singer, Francesca Haig, Indran Amirthanayagam, Kylie Rose, Jessika Tong, Michael Sharkey, Jal Nicholl, Liam Ferney, Debbie Lim, Ashley Capes, Jane Kim, Ouyang Yu , Peter Davis and more
Reviews by Kris Hemensley, Martin Edmond, Margaret Bradstock, Heather Taylor-Johnson,

Michelle Cahill in conversation with Peter Boyle

Our cover portrait is the Sri-Lankan anthropologist, Malathi De Alwis, photographed by Pradeep Jeganathan.



Submissions to Mascara Poetry are open at ALL times. Please follow our submission guidelines. We look forward to reading your poetry and essays.

Payment 2 or more poems: $75; essays, reviews: $50

Mascara is looking for volunteers who are passionate about poetry...check our guidelines!

If you are an emerging writer, JOIN US...for as little as $15, and help us to help you.

Mascara is an online journal seeking to promote poetry of excellence and originality. We are especially interested in the work of contemporary Australasian and Indigenous poets. Our criteria for selection are quality of image, language and innovation. The word ‘mascara’ entered the English language in 1890. It derives from Spanish, Arabic and French origins, its meaning evolving from the word mask, masquerade, to darken, to blacken. The Arabic word ‘maskhara’ means buffoon.

Mascara reviews are edited by Adam Aitken, poetry by Michell Cahill and Kim Cheng Boey.