7 August 2008


Upcoming events and shows for artist/photographer Mayu Kanamori


1. The Island of Ancients - Photographic Exhibition
SEE: http://www.mayu.com.au/folio/islandOfTheAncients/index.html

2. "In Repose" in Broome - Multi arts project - Performance, visual art, music and soundscape
SEE: http://www.mayu.com.au/folio/inRepose/index.html


1. Public Lecture at the University of Melbourne

'Growing Roots' in the land of Australia: The perspective of a migrant Japanese artist

As a first generation migrant in Australia, Mayu believes it is vital to hold dialogues with the indigenous peoples of this land and deepen our connection with Australia's land and it's spaces. Through the interplay of images and stories, she uncovers similarities between Japanese and Indigenous spiritualities.

Thursday, 4 September, 6-7pm
J.H. Mitchell Theatre, Richard Berry Building (Building 160)
Parkville Campus, University of Melbourne

2. Mayu's documentary CHIKA screened as part of OzAsia Festival
SEE: http://chika.asia/index.html


1. In Repose in Thursday Island - dates yet to be finalised

SEE: http://www.mayu.com.au for updates