27 August 2008

NEW ISSUE - Peril #5 "Drama" is now online! ALSO - CFP - "passing, failing" (Deadline: 31 Oct 2008)

The new issue of Asian-Australian arts and culture magazine, Peril, is now online!

Issue #5 includes:
  • an excerpt from Dom Golding's Shrimp,
  • interviews with writer Simone Lazaroo (i'viewed by Paul Giffard-Foret), actor HaiHa Le (i'viewed by Hoa Pham), and artist Van Rudd (i'viewed by Lucy Van), and
  • poems by Adam Aitken and Kit Kelen.

Peril, the magazine of Asian-Australian arts and culture, is seeking your work for Issue #6...

Call for Submissions - Peril #6 - "passing, failing"
So much of life is about feeling like you've passed or failed, as a friend, student, lover, artist, parent, child or sibling. Or as Asian. Or a bloke. Or Australian. Or a writer. What does it mean to 'pass'? Can failing be a good thing?

Passing and failing have many meanings, and this Call for Submissions only begins to play with the terms. We encourage you to interpret the theme broadly.

You might want to explore topics such as:

* racial, gender or cultural 'passing'
* failing/faking authenticity: in film, fashion, food or whatever else takes your fancy
* who's judging?
* moving on, staying put, giving way: 'passing on' as an end, 'passing on' as a bequest or inheritance, etc.

We accept submissions of any kind of text, sound or visual art. If it can be presented online, we're interested in looking at it (e.g. essays, blog entries, reflections, poetry, fiction, memoir, spoken word tracks, photos, etc.). The text limit is 1000 words, preferably submitted in .txt format.

The due date is
31 OCTOBER 2008, to be published online in December 2008.

Please send your submissions and queries to peril@asianaustralian.org. Feel free to run any ideas for submissions past us too.

And check us out at http://www.asianaustralian.org