5 May 2008

LECTURE - David Theo Goldberg - La Trobe U, Bundoora, Vic (29 May 2008)

"Enduring Occupations: Neo-liberalism and contemporary sociality"

to be presented by

Professor David Theo Goldberg (Director, University of California Humanities Research Centre)

DATE/TIME: 29 May 2008, commencing at 6pm
VENUE: La Trobe University, John Scott Meeting House, Bundoora VIC 3086

Starting from reflections on the various senses of occupation at work in our current moment, Professor Goldberg considers how neo-liberalism shapes and orders contemporary sociality. He closes by contrasting homogenizing and heterogenizing dispositions to the social.

A reception and viewing of the exhibition Two Way Traffic: Émigré artists represented in the La Trobe University Art Collection will follow in the University Art Museum.

Professor Goldberg is Director of the University of California Humanities Research Centre. His work ranges over issues of political theory, race and racism, ethics, law and society, critical theory, cultural studies and, increasingly, digital humanities. Together with Cathy Davidson of Duke University, he founded the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) to promote partnerships between the human sciences, arts, social sciences and technology and supercomputing interests for advancing research, teaching and public outreach. He has authored numerous books, including The Racial State (2002); Racial Subjects: Writing on Race in America (1997); Racist Culture: Philosophy and the Politics of Meaning (1993); and Ethical Theory and Social Issues: Historical Texts and Contemporary Readings (1989/1995). He has also edited or co-edited many volumes, including A Companion to Gender Studies (2005); A Companion to Racial and Ethnic Studies (2002); Between Law and Culture: Relocating Legal Studies (2002); Relocating Postcolonialism (2002); Race Critical Theories: Text and Context (2001); Multiculturalism: A Critical Reader (1994); Jewish Identity (1993); and Anatomy of Racism (1990). His most recent book, The Threat of Race: Reflections on Racial Neoliberalism, will be published by Wiley-Blackwell this coming October.

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Refreshments will be served in La Trobe University Art Museum following the lecture.

Presented by:

The Innovative Universities European Union Centre
and La Trobe University Art Museum