8 July 2008

COLLOQUIUM - A Future Humanities: An International Colloquium (16 July 2008, 3-6pm; Caulfield Campus, Monash University, Melb)

A Future Humanities: An International Colloquium

* 16 July 2008
* 3.00 - 6.00 pm
* Link Theatre, S Building, Level 2, Caulfield Campus
* Event Inquiries: Gail Ward, Phone: +61 3 990 52208

A Colloquium organised by the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University.

Chaired by Andrew Benjamin (Monash University).

Speakers: Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths College), Catherine Malabou (Université Paris), Graeme Turner (University of Queensland), Pauline Nestor (Monash University), Martin McQuillan (University of Leeds).

The Colloquium will be opened by Professor Rae Frances, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Monash University.

The Colloquium will look at the position of the Humanities within the University today. At the same time as the structure of research operative within the sciences is applied to the Humanities, economic models more appropriate to commercial enterprises are being used to regulate their overall funding. While there have been important and at times radical transformations within the Humanities these developments are not in synch automatically with these external transformations within the academic world.

The aim of this International Colloquium will be to think through possible futures for the Humanities. Given their overall development, equally given the pressure to which they have been subjected, the question to be addressed is straightforward: What does a defence of the Humanities involve today?