22 June 2007

CFP - ISSCO VI (21-23 Sept 2007; Peking U, China)

6th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas
Sept. 21-23, 2007 Peking University, China

Recent Trends in the Relations between Chinese Abroad and Their Ancestral Homeland

The rapid flow of capital, labor, technology, and information across the globe as well as the
emergence of China as a new and important player in global economy and politics have made China not only the foremost destination for investment, manufacturing, and trade in the world, but also a source for both skilled and unskilled labor within China and throughout the world. The primary objective of the Sixth International ISSCO conference is to examine the interaction between the powerful process commonly known as globalization and the old-and-new phenomenon of out-migration from China, the linkage between the Chinese overseas communities and their homeland, and the implications of the accelerating process of outward migration from China in the long history of Chinese diaspora.

The topics of sessions will ultimately be decided based on papers and abstracts accepted. Proposals of panels, papers and abstracts are welcomed on any topic within social sciences, history, literature, and the arts related to Chinese migration.

Abstracts must be 350 words or less, in English, submitted in MS Word 11 Point Times font on A4 paper with the title in 12 point times font and one inch margins, and include:
1) the title of the abstract in capital letters;
2) the author names and affiliations;
3) name of presenting author in bold and contact information of presenter.

Proposals for panels and abstracts should be submitted via email to oec238c@pku.edu.cn with
“abstract submission” in the subject line before July 31, 2007.

Proposals for papers should be submitted with “paper submission” in the subject line before Sept. 10, 2007.

We will confirm receipt of proposals via email.