11 April 2007

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The State We're In (Deadline: 20 April 2007)

Prison populations are bulging in Western neo-liberal 'democracies'. Welfare reform is said to address the problem of the over-burdened state, and to liberate individuals from state-dependency. The Australian flag is draped across sunburnt backs and hoisted high in suburbs and towns. The anti-terrorism squad arrests people for taking part in a protest. Queer groups demand the state recognises their relationships. What a state we find ourselves in...

Editors Eve Vincent and Mark Pendleton are calling for contributions for an anthology of critical writing: The State We're in: State Power, the Nation State and States of Being.

Sends us ideas for submissions that deal with: police powers, the war on terror, surveillance, citizenship, national identity, sovereignty, everyday life, identities, pleasure, state-centred political discourses, anti-statist politics, and more.

A variety of formats and lengths will be considered. Think: essays, analysis, interviews, profiles, case studies, photo essays. You should write for a non-academic, intelligent general audience.

Final submissions will be between 2,000-5,000 words. No fiction, definitely no poetry.

Get in touch with us with your ideas by 20 April at: thestatewerein@gmail.com