26 March 2007

CFP - Edited book on Changes in Chinese Families (Deadline: 15 April 2007)

At a recent “Doing Families” workshop at the Hong Kong University, there was a consensus among workshop participants that families in Hong Kong had undergone tremendous changes, in terms of size, composition, relationships among family members, division of housework, intergenerational exchange and support, to name just a few. Similar changes may also be taking place in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Chinese diaspora.

In 2005, Chan Kwok Bun and Odalia M.H. Wong assembled five papers on Hong Kong families for a Special Issue of the Journal of Family and Economic Issues, titled “A Thematic Issue on New Trends of Hong Kong Families.” We think it is time to put out a scholarly monograph on the Chinese families (including those in the Special Issue). By Chinese societies, we refer to mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macao, Hong Kong and the Chinese diaspora.

This is an open invitation to anyone interested in having his/her paper considered for publication in our edited book.

Routledge could be an option as a publisher. Please send abstracts/manuscripts to Chan Kwok-bun (ckb@hkbu.edu.hk) or Odalia M.H. Wong (odalia@hkbu.edu.hk) on or before April 15, 2007.